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GRAB YOUR SOMBRERO and join us for a glimpse of traditional ranch life little changed since early Spanish settlement!  Let experienced guides take you into the spectacular mountains of OLD CALIFORNIA. Riding through colorful cactus garden valleys and into lush palm springs you’ll meet some of the wonderful local folks of the remote ranches of Baja.

Visit the renowned World Heritage Rock Art sites and famous roadless ranches, near the village of San Ignacio in the heart of the peninsula.

Since 1988 we’ve been running great trips for small groups in the outback desert - unique journeys into the heart of the sierra and its historical ranch culture. For nearly 300 years the only way to travel these mountains had been on horseback. It’s still the best!

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General Itineraries and trip descriptions: (Scroll down the page for Trip Dates)

· Travel to the Trailhead 2019/20

· General Information (travel, equipment, physical requirements, meals, etc. )

Please be sure to read the General information above. Click on the Itineraries below for route details.

ITINERARIES - In the area of San Ignacio and the World Heritage Rock Art canyons. 6 hours north of Loreto.

· Painted Caves of Baja

· Canyon Rock Art Pack Trip

· San Gregorio Ranch and Art


ITINERARIES - In the mountains just west of Loreto,about an hour into the Sierra de la Giganta.

·Agua Verde Coastal Route

· Ranch Gardens

· San Javier and Ranches

· San Javier to Comondú

· Trail Rides in area of San Javier


· Private Group Tours and Rates - general info to set up a private trip

· Sierra San Francisco - Do-it-yourself Rock Art - In Santa Teresa Canyon / San Ignacio area.

· Favorite Menus of Guides and Guests


A Day in the life of a mule pack trip - Sierra Giganta Traditional Ranches route

Read Trudi's Painted Caves of Baja journal!

Read Graham's Adventures Saddling South and Mule Packing in Baja by Thalia Zepatos for two wonderful accounts of our pack trips!


Saddling Trip Dates - For those of you returning to our web site, Welcome Back! Please note that as of 2018 all itineraries will list only Riding Days. We will no longer offer a Full-Package itinerary. We have pages posted with very helpful information on how to travel to a trail-head, a DIY list of possibilities, and also names of other companies offering fully catered tours if you prefer. We can make a custom tour with all meals, ground travel, hotels, etc included... ask us.

Meals - This coming season we will provide you with a great breakfasts and dinners prepared by our staff. For Lunches it will be BYO. Our lunch ideas list is included in your trip confirmation packet upon sign-up.

Pricing - Because we are asking folks to take the reins to get themselves to the trailheads and no longer including hotels or ground transportation we are charging for just the actual trail days. We can help you arrange with other folks on tour to drive or taxi to San Ignacio or the trail head too. That often happens just a couple of weeks prior to the trip dates.

Hope to see you soon on a Baja trail !

Please Click on the Dark Blue Links Above the Video Clip for Trip Descriptions / Itineraries.

Saddling South Dates:

2024January 11 - 144 days$1,000Mules, Pools and Views
 January 22 to May 31136 days$0Ask about Day Trips & Custom Tours
 February 3 - 64 days$1,200Canyon Rock Art - Full
 February 6 - 83 days$900Canyon Rock Art - short
 February 15 - 228 days$0Available for bookings
 February 25 - 284 days$1,200Canyon Rock Art - Full
 March 1 - 1111 days$0Available for bookings
 March 14 - 218 days$2,400Painted Caves of Baja - Full
 March 23 - 275 days$1,500Canyon Rock Art - Full
 April 1 - 88 days$2,400Painted Caves of Baja - Full
 April 10 - 3021 days$0Available for bookings
 May 7 - 115 days$500Cabalgata Especial

Summer months - contact us for private tours.

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