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Travel to the Trailhead 2019/20

Signing up for a Saddling South led trail adventure? Our itineraries are no longer Full Package. You'll need to get yourself to the trailhead.... Here's How:

Note: We recommend waiting until 2 weeks before the tour date to consider which travel option below is best - by then, other local guests might have a ride-share option out of Loreto available. A few Hotels in Loreto.

From Loreto : (note taxi and travel costs are approximate)

To San Javier area or Coastal area south of Loreto - taxis or rental cars from Loreto. Once the group size is known it will be easy enough to arrange for transportation from your hotel in Loreto to the ranch or trailhead within an hour or two of Loreto after breakfast on our first ride day. We will share emails of group members so that you may be in contact, and share a list of drivers or businesses you might contact (taxis, rental car) to best fit the needs. Transportation cost will be shared between the group members. For large groups it's good to arrange a week or more in advance. For smaller groups a van can be hired the same morning of departure.

Cost is about $200 to $300 one-way for larger vans, or a bit less for the smaller groups. To be shared between the number of folks in the group (i.e. about $40 - $60 pp each way if 5 folks, etc.) · Antonio Drew - taxi van (up to 12) 011 52 1 613 116-7529 · Antonio Hernandez - taxi van (up to 12) 011 52 1 613 111-7554 · Smaller taxi vans in Loreto. (up to 5 or 6 passenger) can be arranged for when in Loreto. For rental cars in Loreto please see Fox rental cars on line or others in a search.

For San Ignacio and the Rock Art Rides: (allow extra day/days for travel)

To get yourselves from Loreto to San Ignacio you might: ride an afternoon bus, about 5 hours with stops, and about $50 one way, then overnight in San Ignacio; or, rideshare with others in a vehicle (arrange between yourselves as we share your emails with other participants a bit prior to trip); or, hire a taxi / rental car as above.

From San Ignacio to the Trail Head: if you choose rental car it should be high-ish clearance (preferably no small compacts); Hire a taxi from Loreto... $200 to $300 cost can be shared between group members. Then, there are taxi vans in San Ignacio for about $150 one way... up to 10 passenger.

Keep your same taxi driver from Loreto ... or drive direct to the trailhead in one day and skip the overnight in San Ignacio (about 6 driving hours). See this web site for information on the Hostal in the Village of Sierra de San Francisco http://sierrasanfrancisco.com. Remember to include a hotel room and meal(s) for your taxi driver if they have to overnight, or if he brings his own tent and sleep gear... then give him a bigger tip!

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